Sandglaz Webview Android Application

Created a custom Android app that simply opens up a webview to I liked the web UI, and that's all they offered for iPhone/Android apps: a web version only. I may consider integrating with their API's one day for a more native feel.

Standing Tangential Bed

I went off on a tangent tonight about a fold up bed idea I had. The thought of splitting rooms spurred ideas on how to creatively position things in the new room so as to maximize space. I ended up making about 10 illustrations in my little think book. All this illustration was inspired after going through some slides Shailen shared with me: Design Like Da Vinci.

TMUX - Terminal Multiplexer

TMux is the shit. Use it more. alternative to SCREEN though I'm not sure for better or worse. I like that tmux splits screens horizontally and vertically and into quadrants.

Ref: - Good summary

GNU Screen: Working With Scrollback Buffer

GNU Screen is a UNIX tool that allows multiple console applications to be run, each in its own “window”, from the same terminal. In a single Screen session, you can run interactive shells, mail programs, SSH sessions, and other console based applications, and you can easily switch between these using hotkeys. You can even split up the Screen display so that multiple Screen windows can be viewed at the same time.

JBOSS Admin Console Password

# vim ../pathto/jboss-x.x.x/server/default/conf/props/
Set username=password



Flowplayer allows you to easily play FLV videos from your website.
Download. Extract to remote server. Have your scripts referencing the correct paths to assets.

<script type="text/javascript" src="/assets/flowplayer-3.2.10.min.js"></script>

<a href="/somemovie.FLV" style="display:block; width:700px; height:394px" id="flvplayer"></a>

<!-- this will install flowplayer inside previous A-tag. -->

   flowplayer("flvplayer", "/assets/flowplayer-3.2.11.swf");


Useful Chrome Extensions

Safari blows. Firefox isn't as great as it used to be. Chrome is the best right now for me.

Chrome extensions I find useful.

Screen Capture
Quickly capture full page screenshots. Simple annotation tools included. Save as PNG.

Ads are a thing of the past. Donate to this chap. He deserves it for creating something that makes the web beautiful and clutter free again.


Personal Insight On "Your Identity Is Not Your Code"

One of my developers shared this article via Twitter. That was about a week ago. Just finally getting caught up today on my readings. I'm glad I didn't pass this one along.

My initially impressions after the first three paragraphs: This is spot on! How coincidental that this is also playing along in the background, perfectly accommodating the epiphany?!

Immaculate Crucifixion by Juno Reactor

Git - Soft Reset

Every so often, I foobar something in git and accidentally add a bunch of crap to the repo. Traditionally and ignorantly, I've just done a git reset --hard and lose my work, which was OK. However, I came to a point where I could NOT lose my work. Solution:

git reset --soft HEAD^

The above command basically undoes your previous commit and puts everything back onto staging. Particularly, HEAD^ is the identifier of that state prior to the commit.


Standing Desk

Recently decided on converting to a standing desk. Trying to cheaply convert the one that I have.

More images and description to come when I've finalized it. Excited to use my swing arms again.

Great part about the standing desk is that the desk's footprint is smaller without a chair, so this'll open up a small room some more. And with good music on, you're bound to also move them hips a bit and burn even more calories.

Drupal Multi-Themed Site

Here's a list of several modules I've been playing with to no avail. Awhile ago, I had (still do) the need to have parts of a particular Drupal site change themes.

The following is a list of tabs I have opened in Chrome. Eventually when I figure it out, I suppose I will also update it here, recursively linking to myself, so to speak.

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