Standing Tangential Bed

I went off on a tangent tonight about a fold up bed idea I had. The thought of splitting rooms spurred ideas on how to creatively position things in the new room so as to maximize space. I ended up making about 10 illustrations in my little think book. All this illustration was inspired after going through some slides Shailen shared with me: Design Like Da Vinci.

I was thinking about how I would go about selling the idea as I thought it was original. I've been supporting a lot of things on KickStarter so I thought maybe I could put it up and share my idea that way? But it'd be nice to just make one first, go through a few prototypes, and then try to mass market the uniqueness of my idea. I haven't found anything online quite as "vintage" feeling. Everything's very sterile and metal-frame based.

Did some research into CAD design applications as well as potentially just outsourcing the CAD work.

For now, reeling myself in so as not to get too carried away. I have priorities. Right now, it's ADA, Erlang, potentially some Mongo by year's end. We'll see how things pan out. If all goes well, my hopes on presenting at the superbowl, making a couple of residual bucks. Maybe then, I'll have some more financial and temporal freedom to take on this idea.