Configure and Verify That .htaccess Works

For an hour, the bane of my existence last night as I was trying to configure Drupal on my personal server to get Clean URLs to work. Apache was NOT reading my .htaccess file.

Testing .htaccess
Create an .htaccess file in the directory you need it working for. Type random stuff in. Reload the page and see if you get a config error. If your page still shows up, Apache is ignoring it.

Configuring Apache

Apache Modules

Apache runs with statically compiled modules and shared modules.
Statically compiled means they're always available and can't be disabled without recompiling.
Shared modules come in the form of .so files found in the modules direction. These are enabled via config files.

http -? for more info.

httpd -t -D DUMP_MODULES
lists all shared/static modules
apachctl -l
lists static modules

Additional resource: http://www.devside.net/guides/linux/apache-ssl-deflate

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