Drupal Multi-Themed Site

Here's a list of several modules I've been playing with to no avail. Awhile ago, I had (still do) the need to have parts of a particular Drupal site change themes.

The following is a list of tabs I have opened in Chrome. Eventually when I figure it out, I suppose I will also update it here, recursively linking to myself, so to speak.

Cache Exclude

Cache Exclude is a nice little module that allows you to specify which pages to exclude from serving from cache.

Reference: http://drupal.org/project/cacheexclude

Nodewords (Meta Tags) Module

Using Nodewords, identified as Meta Tags under "Administer" > "Content Management".

Works great. Definite must have for SEO reasons. If canonicals aren't already there, they are created automatically, once the correct settings are in place. I can't remember them of the top of my head and will have to revisit this.

I believe that the custom records created under "Default and specific meta tags" > "Other Pages" is not working with views at the moment...

Favorite Drupal Modules

I use some or all of the following modules on all of my Drupal sites. I've summarized what benefits I've found from using them as well. The list is organic and this post will change over time. Personal reference but you're free to read about it. Haven't summarized everything yet. Like I said, organic.

Administration Menu
URL 301 Redirect
PathAuto: URL alias
Custom Breadcrumbs

Google Analytics Module

Google Analytics is cool. Keeps track of who visits your site. Other good jazz reporting.

Download the module instead of implementing code inside your theme. Benefits include:

1. This way, you can continue to implement the code without worrying about which theme does what.
2. Automatically filters out the key parts of your site, e.g., admin, from being tracked.
3. Enables you to locally cache the JS file for speedier load times. File is updated daily.

Reference: http://drupal.org/project/google_analytics

Administration Menu Module

By far one of the coolest and must have modules, the Administration Module creates a drop down menu system at the top of your website. These menus provide everything with quick access to your default Drupal Navigation Menu.

Reference: http://drupal.org/project/admin_menu

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