Useful Chrome Extensions

Safari blows. Firefox isn't as great as it used to be. Chrome is the best right now for me.

Chrome extensions I find useful.

Screen Capture
Quickly capture full page screenshots. Simple annotation tools included. Save as PNG.

Ads are a thing of the past. Donate to this chap. He deserves it for creating something that makes the web beautiful and clutter free again.

I run a lot of tabs. Sometimes, flash apps load up in the background and keep running, draining your battery. This allows you to explicitly load flash apps.

Eye Dropper
Colors are important. Photoshop takes awhile to load when all you need is a hex value.

AdBlock can only do so much to declutter. Sometimes, legitimate content is also annoying to have floating around. Redesign sites you often visit with this app. CSS knowledge is required. Use of Chrome's inspection tool makes it even more useful, aiding in writing custom CSS.

Windows Resizer
As a web developer, you need to design for a myriad of resolutions. This helps quickly give you perspective.

User Agent Switcher
Again, useful for web developers. Sometimes, you want to test how a site is rendered in various browser types. IMO, mostly useful for perusing mobile sites on a larger screen.

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